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Saturday, May 5, 2007

Ayumi Hamasaki(浜崎あゆみ) (Flickr) Japan Celebrity

Ayumi Hamasaki (浜崎あゆみ, Hamasaki Ayumi?, born October 2, 1978) is a Japanese pop singer. She was born and raised in Fukuoka and moved to Tokyo to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. Since her debut in 1998 with her first single "Poker Face," she has sold more than 50 million records, with the releases of her eight full-length studio albums, one mini-album, four compilation albums, 40 singles, and several non-studio albums, being the top selling solo and female artist and the fourth top selling Japanese artist in the history of Japan. With the release of her 40th single "Blue Bird," Hamasaki's single sales have passed the 20 million mark, making her the first solo and female singer to do so.

Name: Ayumi Hamasaki
Birthday: 2nd October 1978
Star sign: Libra
Place of Birth: Fukuoka
Blood type: A
Height: 5'1" (156cm)
(B/W/H): 31/20.5/32 (80/53/82)
Weight: 88lbs (40Kg)
Producer: Max Matsuura
Record Label: Avex Trax
Interests: watching baseball and music.
Talents: Playing piano, flower arranging, drawing, ballet, can write with left and right hands.
Favorite Food: sashimi, Sweets, cake, chocolate, and kimichi.
About Music: I listened to rock (Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple) through the influence of my older brother. Now I enjoy listening to black music like Babyface, En Vogue, etc.
Disliked Food: Pig leg.
Favorite Actors: Rie Miyazawa, and Nicolas Cage.
Favorite Authors: Natsuki Gin'iro, Mitsuwo Aida.
Admired Women: Keiko (Globe), Rie Miyazawa, Seiko Matsuda
Favorite Books: usually buy fashion magazines, etc. Modern-day translations of ancient Japanese poems (Manyoushuu) are especially interesting. Silver summer life works, Mitsuo Aida works, etc.
Favorite Singers: Keiko (Globe), Matsu Takako.
Favorite Movies: "The Bodyguard", "Betty Blue", and "Leaving Las Vegas"
Likes Collecting: Any white decorative things for the room.
People she respects: Someone that has a quality she doesn't.
People she dislikes: People who lie, and rude people.

when she at 15 year old..


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